About the game

~ Remember when you gathered in your basement for all night long playsessions? To fight critters and try keeping your eyes open at 4am? We do, and we want to have it all again. ~​

An Aliens-inspired 80s SciFi TopDownShooter
4 Player Couch/Online/Mixed Co-op

Theme: 80s Retro-SciFi, I’m looking for something that looks, feels and sounds like Aliens (J. Cameron). Oh, that film! <3


  • 3D Top-down view
  • Mouse/KB and/or Gamepads
  • Shooter with ammo and reload mechanic
  • Coop, with up to 4 Players on the couch, online, and also mixed
  • 4 Characters with differing basic stats
  • There will be a story
  • Varying set of mission objectives (story driven)
  • Semi/full procedural levels
  • No permadeath (at least not mandatory)

Technical basis: Unity 3D

Biosignature - escape from ice moon

Latest media: Pre-Alpha playtest video

Biosignature – escape from icemoon is currently in development.
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